“Pornland”: Gail Dines on C-SPAN

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Video: Feminist Antipornography Conference, 2007

Rebecca Whisnant, “Not Your Father’s Playboy, Not Your Mother’s Feminist Movement: Contemporary Feminism in a Porn Culture” (text of speech can be read here). (Video length: 45 minutes)

Gail Dines‘ presentation on contemporary pornography (Video length: 1 hour)

Robert Jensen on men’s choices to consume pornography (Video length: 25 minutes)

Presentation by Ana Bridges, Michelle Chang, and Robert Wosnitzer, on their content study of pornography, comparing violent acts in male-directed films and female-directed films. Partial transcript here. The study was also published in Psychology of Women Quarterly which can be downloaded here as a pdf. (Video length: 1 hour 10 minutes)